Shai Seltzer Cheese & Goats

     The Art and Science of Cheese Making
A fine cheese expresses, through its texture and flavor, a deep understanding of the science of life on earth, from climate to bacteria- everything counts.

Shai manages the production of the various cheeses according to the dominant componants of the pasture feed, which has a strong effect on the milk structure and flavor.
  Emzymes, yeasts and bacterias are added to the milk. A curd is created and then cut and shaped in molds. After solidifying, the cheeses are salted and treated by various Afinage methods, some are coated with coal powder, others with grape leaves or wine barrel residue,all according to the desired characteristics of their kind.
The cheeses are ripened and matured in a natural lime stone cave, from a few months to years, to develop fully their unique flavor and aroma .

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